Distributor Programs

Want an outstanding opportunity to make additional revenue? FCTI partners with independent agents giving them the opportunity to generate additional revenue and save money through our processing and reporting services and our other partner-related services.

Independent Agent Program


Independent Agent Program

FCTI will help you create a recurring revenue stream from your ATM portfolio not only from processing for your merchants but also from the profitable, revenue-generating services such as Dynamic Currency Conversion, remote monitoring system service, wireless service program, ATM maintenance program and a partner referral program.


Partner Referral Program
Partner Referral Program

Create a recurring revenue stream as well as receive a one-time cash bonus by referring merchants and independent agents to FCTI.



DCC: Dynamic Currency Conversion

DCC lets international travelers withdraw money from your ATM while seeing the amount withdrawn from their account in their own currency. FCTI offers you the opportunity to make money from the fee that is charged to perform this currency conversion transaction in addition to the surcharge and interchange fees.


Remote Monitoring System
RMS: Remote Monitoring System

RMS reduces ATM downtime and saves on maintenance expense by remotely resetting the ATM. It allows remote downloading of ATM journals to verify or dispute cardholder claims, allows remote loading of receipt text/advertising, and allows remote download of custom ATM screens.

ATM Wireless Service


ATM Wireless Service

Save money on monthly ATM telecommunications/phone service and increase the transaction speed and data security of your ATM by using FCTI's ATM wireless solution.


ATM Maintenance
ATM Maintenance

When your ATM is down your customers can't get cash to spend in your business - you lose money and customers are unhappy. FCTI offers a maintenance program that gives you access to trained and experienced technicians for ATM repair, installation, removal, or relocation.

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